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Bochurim Placement

The New Placement Department Online System

The Shluchim Office is proud to present its brand new and improved online system for Bochurim Placement. To familiarize yourself with this system, and to ease your transition into this program, please read the information below.

How It Works:
This is a brief overview of how the system works. 

1. Log onto the Placement Department on our website.

2. Click on “Apply”, and your information will be submitted to us.

The information will be reviewed and approved. An e-mail will be generated to you, informing you of your application approval. 

3.  A match is accomplished when certain details are matched by the system. The matches are based on Job Name and Dates. Once a match is made, both the Shliach and the applicant will receive an email notifying them of the match details. Each party should then contact the other.

The details of your match will be available on the link sent to you in the email.

Please be aware that even if you do not receive any match notifications, there are certain job offers that have been hidden by the Shliach, and the Shliach will contact you directly if matched.

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