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Couples PlacementBETA

Basic Information

To get started, fill out the following information. (Items with an asterisk (*) must be filled out.)

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Shlichus Matching Information
Please take the time to fill this out thoughtfully. The positions shown to you, and the shluchim shown your profile, depend on the accuracy of your information.

Please check the regions you do NOT want to go to on shlichus? *
(Please remember that this will limit your matching results.)
 North America
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 South & Central America

Which of these languages do you speak or would be prepared to learn for use in your shlichus?
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Which of the following shlichus categories would you consider for either your wife and/or yourself?
You will only be matched to the categories you select.

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Administration - (organization, office management)
Leadership - (director, rabbanus, chaplaincy)
New - (Chabad center / mosad / project)
(Starting a new campus or learning and working with students)
One on One - (one-on-one learning, home visits, counseling)
Adult programs and education
(Planning, arranging and giving public shiurim and speeches
Womens Programs
(Planning, arranging and giving programs for women. Including public shiurim and speeches)
Family Programs and Friendship Circle
(Arranging, maintaining and developing programs for the family, including Yom Tov programs, monthly programs, shabbatons and Shabbos programs, etc.)
Youth and teen programs
(Arranging, maintaining and developing programs Youth and teens. Including Shabbos minyanim, summer/winter camps)
Chinuch Preschool
Chinuch Cheder / Mesivta / Elementary School
Chinuch High School
Chinuch Hebrew School
Chinuch Director / Principal / Rosh Yeshiva
(For all types of schools. You will specify details in the next step.)

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