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Couples PlacementBETA


Welcome to the Online Placement Network

A Project of the Shluchim Office - Placement Bureau
- Helping Shluchim make Shluchim since 1990 -

The Online Placement Network
- Introduction -

  1. Create your profile
    Your information will be reviewed and approved. An e-mail will be generated to you, informing you of your application approval.

  2. The Online Placement Network
    Once you are approved, you will see a list of matching shlichus positions with their details.  You can read the information, do independent research and evaluate which positions you are interested in. All updates will be sent to you automatically via email.

  3. The Placement Administrator
    The placement administrator is available to assist you and answer any questions you may have.  The Shluchim Office also can also meet with you to work on matching you up with a shliach, help you decide which type of shlichus to focus on or give you tips on how to improve your profile/resume.

  4. Contact the shliach
    If you have any questions about a position, or would like a shliach to look at your information, you may contact the shliach via the internal messaging system.  (The placement administrator can help too).

  5. Meet the Shliach
    The placement administrator will help arrange and prepare you for the initial interview

  6. Continue with the Shliach
    If the Shliach chooses to continue, you will meet again, and will need to travel to visit the location.

  7. Formal offer
    If all goes well, the Shliach will formally offer the position to you.  The placement department will be able to assist you with information on salaries, contracts and finalizing your shlichus.
  8. Sign contract
    When given the final contract, most people will go or write to the ohel before signing and publicizing the good news.
    All new shluchim receive a kit, packed with information on starting your shlichus, and tips and discounts for starting life as a shliach.

Your Shlichus Profile
Your information will be analyzed by shluchim, and may be seen by board members of your future Chabad House. So it should look professional and clearly written.

Imagine your profile as a worded picture of yourself. It reflects everything about you. It is ones first and last impression of you. They see it before meeting you and hold onto it after you leave. Present it as you would present yourself, sharp, concise and near-perfect.

Writing up about yourself should take more than an hour’s time. It reflects your talents, qualities and experiences. Put in the time. Once done, it’s there to last. Choose your words carefully. Remember, words can change your life. (Don't think so? Here are some that will: "Call 911!", "We're Downsizing.", and "I Do.")

To get started, create your profile now.