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Chinuch Yaldei Hashluchim

Since its inception in 2001, The Shluchim Office has devoted a substantial portion of its resources and manpower to the creation and coordination of numerous educational and recreational programs for the children of Shluchim. Bringing together children whose families are stationed in major metropolises with those residing in the most remote of communities, the bonds of kinship and camaraderie forged through these programs have engendered a true sense of “ein mishpocho” among these Shluchim of tomorrow.

A debt of eternal gratitude is owed to Rabbi Mendel Shemtov, ע"ה who, with vision and generosity, pioneered the Chinuch Yaldei Hashluchim project and facilitated its growth to ever greater heights. May the merit of these programs serve as a perpetual source of nachas ruach to his neshomo on high.

The Chinuch Yaldei Hashluchim division constantly offers new and exciting programs for the children of shluchim, many of which have become entire divisions in their own right.

An entire website dedicated entirely to connecting Yaldei Hashluchim around the world.
An entire Hebrew website dedicated entirely to connecting Hebrew-speaking Yaldei Hashluchim around the world.
Mini Messengers
A special moderated forum just for Yaldei Hashluchim to talk amongst each other.
Weekly E-Newsletter
Superb weekly e-mail newsletters created especially for Yaldei Hashluchim!
CYH Birthday Club
All members of the CYH Birthday Club receive a special surprise in the mail just in time for their birthday.
Worldwide Hachana Project
Before each of the major Chassidishe Yomim Tovim, a world-wide Hachana project is launched for Yaldei Hashluchim.
International Web Rallies
International web rallies bring Yaldei Hashluchim together to celebrate special days on our Chassidishe calendar.
Mishloach Manos Mania
Give & Get mishloach manos from Yaldei Hashluchim around the world!
CYH hebrew Division
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