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Yud Tes Kislev Game: DNA of A Chossid

Mazel Tov to our raffle winners!

Chaya Rothstein (Nashville, TN) and Leah Kaplan (Franklin Lakes, NJ)


Step 1: Download and print the answer key OR open link to fill out Google form.

Step 2: Play the game and fill out the answers either on the printed answer key or on the Google form.

Step 3: When you finish playing the game, either send a picture of your answer key to CYH@shluchim.org OR submit your form to be entered into the raffle!


   Click here to download answer key!

    Click here to submit your answers on the Google form or send a picture of your answer key to cyh@shluchim.org.

  Click here to play the game now!


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