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The Shluchim Center is both the home-away-from-home and office-away-from-Chabad-House for the hundreds of Shluchim who travel to Crown Heights each year.  We are located at 816 Eastern Parkway, between Kingston and Albany Avenue in the heart of Crown Heights. Each room of our facility was thoughtfully designed to maximize the resources available to the Shluchim.

  The Shluchim Center includes the Shluchim Lounge,
VIP Guest Suite 
and a Conference Room.

Shluchim Lounge 

Shluchim LoungeThe Shluchim Lounge was designed to provide Shluchim visiting Crown Heights with a place to network, work, or relax and includes a fully-stocked cafeteria. Click here for more info!

VIP Guest Suite

The VIP Guest Suite is a luxurious private office complete with workspace, computer, printer, small conference table and a comfortable couch.  Perfect for an important meeting while you are in Crown Heights. Reservations are required beforehand; please click to make a reservation.

Conference Room

Conference RoomOur Conference Room is available for Shluchim to use for meeting with their baalei batim and other contacts while in Crown Heights.  The spacious room features a large conference table that comfortably seats twelve people and a large-screen display with DVD player that can be connected to a laptop for presentations.

The conference room is available for use by all shluchim free of charge; reservations are not required but are highly recommended to ensure you guaranteed access. 
Click to make a reservation


OfficesLocated in the Shluchim Lounge, our Offices provide much needed workspace away from home.  Each station has its own phone and PC with Internet access.  Shluchim also have access to a fax machine and copier one flight up.  Workspaces are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.


For more information or to make a reservation, please call the Shluchim Office at (718) 221-0500 or click to make a reservation.

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