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Issue 318 • Tuesday, July 01, 2014 • ג' תמוז תשע"ד רמב"ם: ספר עבודה, הלכות פסולי המוקדשין, פרק יד-טז.
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Dear Shliach and Shluchah שיחיו:

4th of Tammuz
Friendship Circle Kinus

8th of Tammuz
Bike 4 Friendship Mens Trip

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News Coverage of the upcoming Bike 4 Friendship
Brooklyn News 12
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We received this message from a Shlucha who lives near one of the families whose children attend the Jewish Online School.


We just had a community Friday night dinner and the Clarke family knew SO much about the week's Parshah, and were so excited and proud to share it with everyone else.

Thank you so much for providing this unbelievable service to families so that Shluchim who are unable to provide a Hebrew School for these children know that they are being educated and given the excitement of what it truly means to be a yid!

Thank you!

Hindy Light
Annapolis, MD


• Rabbi G. Shemtov x4000

Associate Director
• Rabbi M. Shemtov x3050

Director of Operations
• Rabbi A. Green x3065

Young Shluchim Division
• Rabbi M. Pinson x3048
• Rabbi B. Shemtov

Shluchim Liaison
• Rabbi Y. Rosenblum x3249


Reception, Shluchim Services
• Mrs. C. Kalmenson x3000

Office Manager
• Rabbi M. Sufrin x3052

Director's Office
• Mrs. E. Katz x3044
• Rabbi A. Brooker, x3043

• Mrs. B. Shemtov x3064
• Rabbi T. Polter x3064
• Mr. P. Hazan x3055

Web Programmers
• Rabbi M. Assouline


CGI Central

Chinuch Yaldei Hashluchim
• Ms. C. Weisz x3056

Chinuch Yaldei Hashluchim
Hebrew Division

• Mrs. C. Kastel

Friendship Circle
• Rabbi B. Groner
Affiliate Support Desk:
• Mrs. M. Alperowitz x3062
International Volunteer Network:
• Mrs. R. Edelkopf x3061
Team Friendship Director:
• Rabbi M. Groner
Team Friendship/Bike 4 Friendship
• Ms. S. Varon x3071
Promotional Items/Gifts
• Rabbi Y. Rosenblum

Hebrew School Network

Jewish Montessori
• Mrs. D. Freundlich

Jewish Online School
• Mrs. C. Margolin x3080
• Mrs. M. Lipsker
• Rabbi M. Angyalfi x3090
• Ms. D. Hecht
• Rabbi S. Nelkin

Nigri International Shluchim Online School
English Division - Serving Americas & Europe

• Rabbi M. Shemtov x3050
• Mrs. G. Rosenfeld x3058
• Mrs. T. Richler x3057
• Mrs. R. Gurevitch x3059
• Rabbi M. Lachkar
• Ms. M. Rosenfeld x3070
• Rabbi Y. Goodman x3067
• Mrs. C. Kalmenson x3000

Online School - Hebrew Division
Serving CIS, Europe & Israel

• Mrs. C. Kastel

Online School Partners in Teaching
• Mrs. T. Richler

Pomegranate Suites
• Mrs. C. Kalmenson x3000

Preschool Network
• Mrs. D. Krasnianski x3072

Publications Department
• Rabbi A. Green x3065

Savings Program

Shluchim Concierge Services
• Rabbi M. Shemtov

Shluchim Gemach
• Rabbi S. Gniwisch, Chairman
• Rabbi A. Brooker x3043

Shluchim Placement Bureau

Shluchos Division
• Mrs. C. Piekarski x3085

Speakers Bureau
• Mrs. R. Turner x3086

Tefillin Bank

Vaad Misrad Hashluchim
Rabbi Shimon Lazaroff
Houston, Texas
Rabbi Sholom Ber Levitin
Seattle, Washington

Advisory Policy Committee
Rabbi Yosef Gopin
West Hartford, Connecticut
Rabbi Yosef Greenberg
Anchorage, Alaska
Rabbi Yossi Groner
Charlotte, North Carolina
Rabbi Yossi Kessler
Montreal, Quebec
Rabbi Sholom Lipskar
Bal Harbour, Forida
Rabbi Yossie Shemtov
Tucson, Arizona
Rabbi Hershel Spalter
S. Jose, Costa Rica
Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf
Chicago, Illinois

Shluchim Relations Committee
Rabbi Yossi Deren
Greenwich, Connecticut
Rabbi Dovid Goldberg
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Rabbi Berl Goldman
Gainesville, Florida
Rabbi Ovadia Goldman
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Rabbi Berel Levertov
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Shluchim Development Committee
Rabbi Mordechai Avtzon
Hong Kong, China
Rabbi Baruch Hertz
Chicago, Illinois
Rabbi Yoseph Kantor
Bankok, Thailand
Rabbi Sholom D. Lipskar
Bal Harbor, Florida
Rabbi Moshe M. Lipszyc
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Rabbi Yosef Posner
Skokie, Illinois
Rabbi Yosef Schanowitz
Highland Park, Illinois
Rabbi Levi Shemtov
West Bloomingfeld, Michigan
Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf
Skokie, Illinois

Friendship Circle Executive Committee
Rabbi Bentzion Groner
Charlotte, North Carolina
Rabbi Zalman Grossbaum
Livingston, New Jersey
Rabbi Sholom D. Lipskar
Bal Harbor, Florida
Rabbi Yossi Marozov
Cleveland, Ohio
Rabbi Gedalya Shemtov
Brooklyn, New York
Rabbi Levi Shemtov
West Bloomingfeld, Michigan
Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf
Skokie, Illinois

Scholarship Committee
Mr. Shmuel Gniwisch
Montreal, Quebec
Rabbi Ovadia Goldman
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Rabbi Bentzion Korf
Miami Beach, Florida
Rabbi Yosef Schildkraut
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Rabbi Yossi Schneerson
Los Angeles, California
Mr. Chaim Treitel
Montreal, Quebec
Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf
Skokie, Illinois

Vaad Hashluchim
Founding of The Shluchim Office
Rabbi Shabse Alpern
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Rabbi Moshe Herson
Morristown, New Jersey
Rabbi Shimon Lazaroff
Houston, Texas
Rabbi Sholom B. Levitin
Seattle, Washington
Rabbi Mendel Lipskar
Johannesburg, South Africa
Rabbi Yitzchok Raskin
Burlington, Vermont
Rabbi Berel Shemtov
Oak Park, Michigan
Rabbi Yisroel Shmotkin
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Rabbi Nachman Sudak
London, England

Founding of The Shluchim Office

The Shluchim Office was created in response to a direct request by the Rebbe OB”M during the annual Kinus HaShluchim in New York in 5747 (1986):

"...it would be advisable to establish a central location (with a phone, etc.) where all shluchim could access in order to receive counsel or assistance in fulfilling their shlichus in their place of shlichus. [This service would include] providing them with a speaker and the like etc. etc...."

From the humble beginning of a one-man operation, we have built and expanded to offer all of the services below.

Bike 4 Friendship

Bike 4 Friendship is a cross-country summer bike ride to raise awareness and funding for special-needs children.

Over the course of six weeks in the heat of summer, cyclists drawn from local Friendship Circle chapters ride across America, coast to coast. Along the way, they meet various city officials, Chabad Houses, and Friendship Circle chapters, spreading the message of acceptance.

Each rider raises funding from their local community and beyond, every dollar of which goes towards their local Friendship Circle.

For more information, please click here to visit Bike 4 Friendship on the web.

Chabad Early Childhood Education (CECE) Network

Preschools have been recognized as springboards for Jewish continuity, with studies and experience showing that children attending quality Jewish preschools inspire parents to seek further Jewish education for their children and for themselves.

The Chabad Early Childhood Education (CECE) Preschool Network is a central support and networking resource for shluchim who run or direct a Chabad preschool. The CECE Network is directed by Mrs. Devora Krasnianski, and our thanks go to Dr. Joseph Walder, founder of the CECE Network, for his vision and support.

For more information, please click here.

Chinuch Yaldei Hashluchim

Chinuch Yaldei Hashluchim has become a flagship department of The Shluchim Office, devoting considerable resources and manpower to numerous educational and recreational programs for the children of shluchim, many of which have since become entire divisions in their own right. Chinuch Yaldei Hashluchim is magnanimously endowed by Mr. Kasriel Shemtov and family and is directed by Ms. C. Weisz.

Please click here for the CYH website.

Embassy House @ The Ohel

The Embassy House is located a minute's walk from the Rebbe's Ohel at 224-20 Francis Lewis Blvd, and was sponsored with the generous help of the Gilinsky family and Rabbi Sholom D. Lipskar of Florida.

Formerly the home of the Cheder at the Ohel, it serves as the Hachnosas Orchim base for community visits to the Ohel and we can also host larger groups for meals, lectures, and more.

Shluchim who wish to bring a group to the Ohel for a Shabbos or weekday may reserve these quality facilities. Availability is on a first-come-first-served basis.

For more information or to make a reservation, please click here.

Friendship Circle International

Friendship Circle International is the central office of all Friendship Circle branches throughout the world. Founded in 2005 under the leadership of Rabbi Levi Shemtov of West Bloomfield, Michigan (the founder of the world’s first Friendship Circle program in 1995), Friendship Circle International is directed by Rabbi Bentzion Groner and under his guidance has helped start 80 Friendship Circles across the world, with a total of eleven thousand volunteers and five thousand special-needs children.

Friendship Circle International offers assistance to shluchim who wish to establish a Friendship Circle and programming material, resources and a wide range of support to those already established.

Please click here for more information and our websites.

Hebrew School Network

Chabad-Lubavitch runs hundreds of Hebrew schools around the world. Under the guidance of Mrs. Devora Krasnianski, the Hebrew School Network works to consolidate, coordinate, and expand the educational resources and support network available to them all.

For more information, please click here.

Jewish Online School

A sizable percentage of Jewish families have little or no access to Hebrew Schools or the very basics of a Jewish education, and too many are completely uninterested in Jewish education. To reach these Jewish children and families, we launched the Jewish Online School in January 2011 thanks to the help of our four founding sponsors: Motti Korf, Eliezer Kornhauser, Uri Laber and Dovid Smetana. It now forms its own division of the Nigri International Jewish Online School.

We have established several separate educational tracks, a Hebrew School for unaffiliated children living in remote areas who need the basics of Judaism, an advanced program for children who have a Day School background, and online Bar Mitzvah lessons for those who can't reach a local rabbi.

For more information, please click here.

Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim

The Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim is a unique opportunity for the sons and daughters of shluchim to draw energy and inspiration from the International Kinus Hashluchim, just like their parents. We provide a complete program that unites and inspires the children of shluchim in just one weekend, while allowing their parents to devote their full attention to the Kinus.

As a joint project of Merkoz L'inyanei Chinuch and The Shluchim Office, Rabbi Moshe Pinson directs the activities of both the boys and girls kinusim.

For more information, please click here.

Mikvah Yisroel @ the Ohel

Mikvah Yisroel, sponsored by the Duchman family, is a beautiful modern mikvah for public use of all Shluchim, Anash and visitors to the Rebbe's Ohel.

The Mikvah is located a minute's walk from the Rebbe's Ohel, below the Shluchim House at 224-16 Francis Lewis Blvd.

Mivtzoim Brochures & Display

The 12 Mivtzoim Series is a complete set of twelve individual brochures on each of the Mivtza campaigns launched by the Rebbe. Each brochure consists of eight glossy, full-color pages with a fun, lighthearted explanation of the individual Mivtza.

The brochures are designed to fit a special elegant Mivtzoim Display, which is available in both customized or generic forms and can be used as a tabletop display or wall-mounted for convenience.

All together, the Mivtzoim Brochures & Display provide an excellent one-stop shop for your Chabad House to promote the Rebbe's 12 Mivtzoim.

Please click here for all our Mivtzoim options.

Nigri International Shluchim Online School

The Nigri International Shluchim Online School was established in 2006 with the help of founding sponsor Moshe Weiss. The school had one core mission: offering quality Jewish education to children of shluchim, regardless of where they live.

The Shluchim Online School functions as a full-fledged cheder, educating hundreds of boys and girls at high standards and utilizing the magic of Internet-based technology to provide a full day of learning in a virtual classroom environment. Rabbi Yossi Goodman, director of development, is constantly improving our capabilities under the guidance of Rabbi Moshe Shemtov, director of the Online School. Ron Ferber has endowed the school with a special gift that allows for continued development.

The Shluchim Online School spans four timezones (East/West Coast America, Europe and Asia/Australia) and teaches in two languages (English/Yiddish and Hebrew/Yiddish). Mrs. Gitty Rosenfeld is the principal of the Americas/Europe (English) regions and is based in New York, and Mrs. Chavie Kastel is the principal of the Hebrew division, based in Israel.

For more information, please click here.
For registration, please click here.

Online Shlichus Center

In the online primacy of the Digital Age, The Shluchim Office hasn’t missed a beat. Our Online Shlichus Center, Shluchim.org, provides easy access to all our projects and services – and you can even order your publications and Shlichus supplies online.

Please click here to visit us online.

Pomegranate Suites for Shluchim

The Pomegranate Suites for Shluchim provide four-star accommodation for Shluchim visiting New York.

Located in the heart of Crown Heights just minutes from 770, the Pomegranate Suites feature luxurious private rooms and common area, kitchenette stocked with light refreshments, Wi-Fi and a complimentary office station.

Looking for a place to stay on your next visit? Check out the Pomegranate Suites.

The Pomegranate Suites for Shluchim were built by Reb Avraham Banda of Pomegranate Supermarket.

The Sermon Resource

The Sermon Resource allows shluchim to confidently deliver inspirational, content-filled speeches every week. Fresh speeches in English and Hebrew are presented weekly, and have generated positive feedback with their timely style and timeless messages. This is accompanied by the Taamu Ureu, a light sampling of Chassidus which is dedicated in memory of Gavriel and Rivkah Holtzberg HY”D. Both services are graciously provided by Rabbi Zushe Greenberg.

Please click here for the Sermon Resource.
Please click here for the Taamu Ureu.

Shlichus Publications

Long-gone are the days when a shliach would have to create, design and lay out the entire contents of each holiday guide or brochure—since the inception of The Shluchim Office, our Publications Department has offered the widest variety of printed materials and quality print services to shluchim at heavily subsidized prices. Rabbi Avraham Green directs and manages all orders and customization of all publications.

For all our publications, please click here.

Shlichus Supplies

In addition to quality print material, The Shluchim Office also features a diverse and perennially popular range of shlichus-related items and supplies at cut-rate prices: Chanukah menorah kits, Purim supplies, Matzah kits and Matzah bakery supplies, plush Judaic-themed toys, Friendship Circle branded items, Chabad-logo branded souvenirs, a range of elegant customizable gifts, and more. Rabbi Yankie Rosenblum manages all Shlichus Supply orders and shipping.

For a list of products we currently offer, please click here.

Shluchim Center

Founded with the help of Rabbi Joseph I. Gutnick, the Shluchim Center is the shliach’s comprehensive, round-the-clock business office facility in Crown Heights, giving the shliach everything he needs for work or relaxation while visiting New York.

The Shluchim Lounge, built with the generous assistance of Uri Laber, features workstations, Wi-Fi, a fully-stocked cafeteria, relaxation area and A/V-equipped conference rooms (which can be linked for larger presentations). The Haber family sponsors the year-round hospitality.

A private office suite is available upon request for those times when a shliach needs to hold a private meeting is required.

Shluchim Gemach

The Shluchim Gemach is an exclusive fund providing direct financial aid and services to shluchim. Three free-loan funds target known areas of financial stress—family Bar Mitzvahs, family weddings and a new shliach’s first car purchase. The Shluchim Gemach also provides an affordable life insurance plan and access to a low-cost catering service willing to host an event anywhere in the continental United States or Canada.

The Shluchim Gemach was founded thanks to the Gniwisch family of Montreal. For more information or to apply for a Gemach, please click here.

Shluchim House @ the Ohel

The Shluchim House was founded by a vaad of ten shluchim a year after Gimmel Tammuz, and provides comfortable lodging for visiting shluchim and their guests year-round.

The Shluchim House is located just a minute's walk from the Rebbe's Ohel at 224-16 Francis Lewis Blvd. Purchased by a group of Shluchim and co-ordinated by The Shluchim Office, the Shluchim House has been newly renovated to accommodate up to 7 Shluchim for overnight stays.

Shluchim who wish to stay at the Shluchim House for a Shabbos or weekday may reserve these quality facilities. Availability is on a first-come-first-served basis.

For more information or to make a reservation, please click here.

Shluchim Placement Bureau

The Placement Bureau is a busy office that regularly pairs communities and/or existing Chabad centers with idealistic, eager and energetic young shluchim and shluchos.

We offer placement for all your Shlichus needs: Long-term couples placement, camp staff, chazzanim, tutors and both long and short term placement of bochurim or girls.

Shluchim Savings Program

The Shluchim Savings Program offers corporate discounts for shluchim on a wide range of goods and services, including car rentals, office and school supplies.

Please click here to see our current offers.

Shluchos Division

The Shluchos Division under Mrs. Chana Piekarski provides a wide range of support services to today’s shluchah: inspirational, personal, technical and outreach support services in the form of three active online forums/archives; publications; program concepts; complete event packages, curricula and more.

For an active, always-busy shluchah, the time and effort saved by the Shluchos Division is invaluable. Please click here for more information.

The Speakers Bureau

The Speakers Bureau is one of the central founding services of The Shluchim Office directly mentioned by the Rebbe. Managed by Mrs. Rivkie Turner, the Speakers Bureau offers single bookings, lecture series and extended tours of a colorful, broad selection of today’s top Jewish inspirational speakers and lecturers. Finding a quality lecturer and planning event logistics are all no more than one phone call or e-mail away.

Please click here to browse our collection of speakers, entertainers and more.

Team Friendship

Team Friendship draws together runners from various Friendship Circle chapters across the country and enters them into some of the most prestigious marathons in the world.

As a team presence on a national scale, Team Friendship runs to raise awareness of and funding for special-needs children. Drawn from the local chapters across America, every dollar they raise goes back to the community's Friendship Circle. It's a great way to get your community involved.

Team Friendship currently has teams placed in the ING NYC Marathon, the Miami Marathon, the San Francisco Marathon and more.

Young Shluchim Camp

There are many basic elements of Jewish life that we take for granted, both large and small. For the child of a shliach growing up in a remote community, spending time at an overnight camp is a "luxury." These children rarely have friends who understand the hardship of growing up in this environment.

The Young Shluchim Camp was created to fill this void. For twelve days, children of shluchim get to spend time with other children who can not only understand but share the same challenges.

The Camp runs in the last few weeks of December (dates vary from year to year), when most children of shluchim typically have a break from school. The Young Shluchim Camp is directed by Rabbi Moshe Pinson and generously sponsored by Sholom & Eric Laytin and Rabbi Don Yoel Levy. For more information, please click here.

Taamu Ureu
Sermon Resource
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