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The CECE Network’s goal is to serve as a central support and resource network for those who run or direct a Chabad preschool, helping the directors make their local Chabad preschool the preeminent choice within their community.

Mrs. Devora Krasnianski is the director of the CECE Network, and its operations are supported thanks to the generosity of Dr. Joseph Walder.


The CECE network is the resource bank for all shluchos running early childhood programs. If you are looking for tools, strategies and support, we've got it for you.

As a member of CECE you will have exclusive access to:

•    A network of shluchos ready to share insight and advice.
•    A blog of early childhood articles, activity files, curriculum and conversations touching on all aspects of a quality early childhood program.
•    Conference calls on key topics relating to your program, held monthly.
•    Training webinars on relevant issues.
•    Ready to go holiday curriculum maps & family engagement materials.
•    Ready to go workshops for your parents and staff
•    In person conference and networking sessions during Kinus.
•    Direct consultation from the network directors in any area you need.
•    Peer-to-Peer mentoring so you can share your expertise and can benefit from others'.

Don't go at it on your own when you can run your program with the help of so many others!

Questions about the CECE Network, email preschool@shluchim.org

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