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Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchos Roundup
Shluchim Kids Enjoy Own Kinus.
Yaldei Hashluchos Group Photo
(Here, too!).
Young Shluchos Hold Gala Banquet.
Banquet Faces: Young Shluchos.

Yud Shvat Rally
COLLive reports on the online rally where Shluchim kids united to celebrate Yud Shvat.

Report from the "Shluchim Shtetl"
CrownHeights.info reports on the success of the "Shluchim Shtetl," a joint program for children of shluchim in Europe.

Shluchim Camp Wraps Up Inaugural Year
COLlive reports on the Boys Division of the Tzeirei Hashluchim Winter Camp, concluded on the last day of the secular year.

Online Tour of the Rebbe's Library
COLlive reports on the exclusive tour of the Rebbe's Library arranged by Chinuch Yaldei Hashluchim.

Shluchim Camp Kicks Off Inaugural Year
COLLive reports on the Girls Division.
A Live Photostream of the Girls Camp.
COLLive reports on the inaugural Farbrengen by Rabbi Taub.
A Live Photostream of the Boys Camp.

Shluchim Hospitality
Pomegranate Suites for Shluchim
Will you be visiting Crown Heights for a short visit? Stay at the Pomegranate Suites for Shluchim! Click here to reserve your stay.

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All Our Projects & Services
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Pomegranate Suites
Comfortable, short-term hospitality for Shluchim conveniently located in the heart of Crown Heights.
Shluchim Savings
Shluchim Savings have expanded over the past year. Come see how much you can save!
Join the CECE Network
A network of preschool directors committed to improvement. Join the CECE Network with them!
Jewish Online School 
Offering an online Day School, Hebrew School, private classes and more - direct to your home.
Taamu Ureu
A weekly excerpt from a Sicha of the Rebbe, light and intended for all audiences.
Shluchim Online School
Providing children of shluchim with an excellent education, regardless of where they live.
The Shluchim Gemach
An exclusive free-loan fund which offers direct financial aid to shluchim in times of special hardship.
Chinuch Yaldei Hashluchim
A program all about educational and recreational programs for the children of Shluchim.
Friendship Circle International
Providing resources and support to Shluchim who are starting or managing a Friendship Circle.
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