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About Us


plural Shluchim

  1. An individual imbued with boundless love and a sense of responsibility for the wellbeing of his fellow Jew.
  2. A representative of the Lubavitcher Rebbe officially appointed to a city, community or region to serve the Jewish population in that area.

Every day, thousands of Shluchim in every corner of the globe inspire Jewish identity, provide Jewish education, and ensure the physical and spiritual needs of their local community. Humbly and selflessly, these men, women and their children serve every Jew regardless of their demography, ideology, or affiliation, thereby actualizing our generation’s mission of transforming and perfecting our world and bringing Moshiach one mitzvah, one spark, one person at a time.

Have you ever wondered about the resource center that serves the Shluchim in the same way they serve their communities?

The Shluchim Office

The Rebbe established The Shluchim Office in 5747 (1986) and empowered it with the mission to assist, support and serve as a central hub for the Shluchim and their families.

What We Do

Thousands of centers worldwide serving Jews from all walks of life encounter manifold logistical, practical and economical challenges. The Shluchim Office, a central embassy for the Rebbe’s ambassadors to world Jewry, offers concierge solutions, enterprising support and dynamic connectivity to every Shliach in every part of the world.

Our Mission

The Shluchim and their families have become the pulse of Jewish life in every corner of the globe, wholly dedicated to providing for their community’s every need, be it physical or spiritual. It is our Shlichus - our mission - to serve the Shluchim as they serve their communities.

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