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Chabad Visitors Services

The Chabad Visitors Services Program takes Shluchim and their Baalei Batim on guided, inspirational visits to the Ohel and Crown Heights for a reasonable fee. Shluchim can choose the pre-packaged tours or work with our staff on a custom-designed tours.

Participants will receive fully catered meals, transportation from and to the airport, Ohel and program destinations. A Hebrew and English Maane Loshon and new plastic slippers will be provided for going into the Ohel. Everyone will also receive a complimentary video. A large air conditioned tent at the Ohel has also been made available by Rabbi Aba Refson of Ohel Chabad Lubavitch.


A coach bus leaves for the Ohel from the airport at 10:00 AM and returns at the end of the program from Campus Chomesh at 7:00 PM to catch a 9:00 PM flight or later. Please have this in mind when scheduling flights. 

Total cost for the event is $80.00 per person. (The shliach's own $80.00 fee will be waived for groups of three Ba'alei Battim or more. Also, Shluchim who wish to provide their own transportation for their groups may deduct $10 per person.)

Sample schedule

For more information or to make reservations, please call Rabbi Moshe Pinson at (718) 221-0500, extension 3048 or email at mpinson@shluchim.org

10:15 a.m.
Shacharis for New York area groups
10:45 a.m.
Out-of-town groups arrive at the Ohel
11:00 a.m.
Writing of Panim; orientation from one of the Shluchim; visit to the Ohel
11:45 p.m.
VIP Brunch with special guest speaker
12:45 p.m.
Leave for Crown Heights
1:30 p.m.
Visit 770 and the Rebbe's room.  Minchah in
the Rebbe's room.
2:15 p.m.
Tour of the Lubavitch Library, Crown Heights and the Jewish Chidren's Museum.
4:00 p.m.
Visit an authentic sofer, the Chasidic Art Institute, browse Judaica stores, and more.
5:30 p.m.
Banquet and Farbrengen
Departure to the airport (For those with flights)

*Since its inception, close to 2500 Ba'alei Battim have participated in the Chabad Visitors Services Program.

The Chabad Visitors Service Program is sponsored by
Dovid & Malkie Smetana


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