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The Siddur Bank

Created by Kehot Publication Society in conjunction with The Shluchim Office has been formed to assist Shluchim in streamlining their programs and events and saving them the hassle of creating their own Shabbos weekend siddurim.

Gone are the headache days of creating, copying, pasting, running to the copy center and the other hassles. Here are the days of ordering the professional ready made Hebrew English Shabbos Annotated Siddur from Kehos.

Plenty of Siddurim have been printed to ensure numerous Chabad Houses will be able to take advantage of the Gmach at the same time.

How it works:
You place an order for the amount of Siddurim you would like to borrow.
The Siddurim will then be prepared to be shipped to you, if applicable to you the siddurim can also be picked up.

There will be a $1.25 nominal fee per siddur borrowed as a usage replacement fee to cover expenses and ensure the continuance of the Gmach, enabling us to be to reprint siddurim and replace them as needed.

The shliach is responsible for the shipping expenses of the siddurim to and from, as well as any missing or excessively damaged sidurim a $7 charge per siddur will be added.

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