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Preferred Outlets

Our Preferred Outlets enjoy a unique status among our many supporters.  Within their industry, they are the only company allowed to advertise to Shluchim on our website.

Preferred Outlets are displayed prominently on the right-hand side of every page of Shluchim.org, ensuring high visibility to every site visitor regardless of which page they browse.  The link can be designed to direct the visitor straight to your website, or if you prefer a landing page can be created on our site with additional infomation for Shluchim who wish to patronize your products or services.

Together with the exclusive access and web advertisement, Preferred Outlets also receive up to six free e-mail broadcasts to Shluchim (a value of $150 or more for each e-mail).

For more information and to request Preferred Outlet status for your company, please contact us at 718-221-0500.   

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