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The Fundraising Emporium


Maximize your time while still in quarantine and come out ahead of the game when we will all be free to move about the country. Watch our online zoom sessions on fundraising and Mosad management that were recorded during last months Live Zoom Sessions.

Seminar Topics

Session 1: Fundraising - When/Why Do Donors Contribute
Understanding the psychological reasons behind what makes a donor want to contribute to your organization, AND what makes YOU want to go out there to raise money successfully and professionally.

Session 2: Fundraising - Basics and Essentials in Fundraising
What are the basic principles and the crucial tools you must have in order to raise money successfully and professionally?
Session 3: Fundraising - Creating Your Budget
Here you will learn how to create a professional and accurate budget from A to Z. We will spend the maximum time working on an actual Excel template, which you will be able to receive later.

Session 4: Fundraising - The Ask
We will review all stages of The Ask from obtaining the meeting, the steps and stages during the meeting, the necessary steps to be taken after the meeting, and the follow up.

Session 5: Fundraising - Cultivation
The deeper understanding of what Cultivation truly means, how to implement it, when to use it, its frequency and duration.

Session 6: Fundraising - The Fundraising Timetable
When to do what. There are so many aspects in the Fundraising Puzzle: Dinner, Concert, Raffle, Chai Club, Crowdfunding, Direct Solicitation and more. We will create the ideal timetable for doing the right thing at the right time.

Session 7: Management - Time Management
Time is the most valuable asset you have in life, no one can add or subtract your time. But how do you maximize your time? How do you juggle between Personal, Family and Organization? How do you prioritize?

Session 8: Management - Hiring and Firing
How do you hire another Shliach (or non-Shliach) and do it in a way that it’s (long) lasting? What are the steps you MUST take to secure long-term relationships and respect for each other? 


All the above topics are presented in a clear and easy to follow PowerPoint presentation, which you will  receive with the link to view the sessions.

Register to view all sessions for only $99.00 or for any individual session for $20.00

Registration: Click here to register

Questions? Email brodseminar@shluchim.org

A joint project of the Shluchim Office and Shliach L’hatzliach


I wanted to take a minute and sincerely thank you for your course on fundraising.

I'm just beginning to take steps into this arena and you've provided a system that I'm really excited to implement. I found your presentation to be straightforward, practical, and clear. I have gained clarity on how to make professional presentations to potential donors, have a responsible approach to developing relationships with them, have clear priorities for myself and effectively manage my time.

Thank you so much for offering this course and particularly for the affordable price you set. It was life-changing for me.
Kol Tuv,
Rabbi Gavriel Isenberg
Rohr Chabad House at Vanderbilt University


Thank you very much for the presentation today.
I participated in this workshop many years ago, when fundraising became my responsibility in my shlichus. איר האט מיר אוועקגעשטעלט אויף די פיס when it comes to fundraising. I followed the program for a while and it worked very well. After some time, I stopped following it and, although we are BH doing ok financially, there is much more that can and needs to be done in terms of fundraising. So I’m back for a refresher and for a restart. Thank you for making it available now. 
Thank you
Rabbi Yechiel Baitelman
Chabad Richmond, Canada


I just finished watching the last session last night, which - as the rest of the sessions - was very well presented.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing course. 

It got me thinking a lot, and IY"H I hope it'll be a big help in the way I do things - for the future bez"H. 

As a new shliach - having just moved here a few months ago, the ideas and practical solutions presented, helped bring much more clarity to this "scary" thought of having to fundraise, and not knowing how to do it effectively etc. But most importantly, it sort of shifted my mindset to taking a more proactive approach, as well as giving me practical tools of how to implement it. Not to mention the amazing seder of the way things were presented. Yasher koach godol!

Name withheld upon the request of this new Shliach.

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