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Girls Suggestion Sheet


Thoughts on “Shlichus”

Take a moment to think of Shlichus.
What do you think of?

Shlichus is hard work. It takes dedication and commitment. It is not glamorous and it can even be lonely at times.  Shlichus can be very rewarding, accomplishing, fulfilling. You probably won’t feel instant gratification, but every moment will be filled with purpose.  Shlichus is devoting oneself to the Rebbe and fulfilling his mission. It demands that you put the needs of others before your own. Shlichus is dedicating your life for a higher purpose. Shlichus means devoting ourselves to the Meshaleach, the Rebbe, while putting our own selves aside. At the same time we must use our talents and unique personalities to fulfill the Shlichus successfully.

Suggestions for a Successful Shlichus

(For Young Women Assisting Shluchim)

    To ensure job satisfaction on behalf of both the Shluchim and applicants, we have compiled a number of suggestions, which, if followed, could contribute to a successful shlichus experience for all those involved.  These suggestions were based upon input received from shluchim and young women who have filled positions in the past.

1. Shlichus - Shlichus is both a great privilege and a tremendous responsibility.  Young women are, indeed fortunate to have opportunities to experience a taste of shlichus at this point in their lives.  Applicants should keep in focus the purpose for which they are applying to a particular Shliach.  Job opportunities must be filled by people who are enthusiastic, yet serious and conscientious about the responsibility.  They should realize that a certain element of mesiros nefesh for the cause is involved, and that a fine and positive attitude will go a long way.
Look at the shlichus opportunity as ‘your own’.  That way you will approach any ‘extras’ that come up with a ‘let’s pitch in’ attitude to make it work.
Shluchos know their communities and the requirements of their jobs.  Listen to their suggestions, follow their guidelines, use your creativity, but be responsible, efficient and conscientious.

 2.  Role Model - Everyone will perceive you as The Rebbe’s Shluchim.
Your attitude, behavior, speech and dress will affect adults, teens and children.  Someone in a shlichus position, becomes a  chassidishe role model and a public figure.  The impact she can have by just being herself is immense.  The connection she creates with the shluchim’s family, is very important and can strengthen their children in positive ways.
The positive and caring relationships she fosters with the community members, assists in drawing the people closer to Chabad.                                                                                                                                          

3.  Job Description - Shluchim will generally offer a clear job description of the position.  Be sure to find out about arrangements for lodging, transportation, health insurance (usually your responsibility), days off and salary.  If you have any reasonable concerns or needs, please share them before you accept the position.

4. Solving Issues -  Any issues or difficulties should be brought up and dealt with at every weekly meeting.  This way problems do not ‘snowball’, but are dealt with in a sensitive, sensible and responsible manner.

 5.  Shiurim - Request that the shluchim provide a shiur at least one time (preferably twice) a week for you.  This is necessary for your spiritual growth as a bas Chabad and as a future shlucha.  Include yourself in shiurim already in place. 

6.  Commitment - Commitment to a shlichus is a great zechus as wel as responsibility and should not be taken lightly. You provide a great contribution to the community, which can not be filled otherwise. Once you have committed, you have an achrayus to keep your commitment.
Applicants are expected to commit themselves to the job for a minimum of 6 months to 1 year (depending on the Shliach’s job description).  It is expected that if you accept a job with a shlucha, who depends on your word to maintain her institution, that you will commit to her and not change positions (either before the job begins or during the year).
In cases where you may need to leave earlier than expected, (getting married, illness [chv”s]) discuss the issues with your shluchim, always being sure that a suitable replacement can be found for you. Although you may be leaving, you are still directly connected to the repercussions and effects on the people involved by this action.

    Hatzlocha Rabbah in all your endeavors for a successful shlichus.

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