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Guidelines and Tips

Save and refer to these guidelines when first familiarizing yourself with the Shluchos Network forum!

The Shluchos Network is serviced from the Shluchim.org website and offers you the following:

Excellent ability to read and post questions, suggestions, advice, and other project material on the forum.
Attachments can be included.
Fantastic archive possibility in a clear format
Keep your same e-mail address; we will transfer you automatically to the new forum headquarters.  You will receive e-mails as usual.  To customize, post and archive, you will need to follow these instructions.

(Follow instructions while online- it will make it clearer to understand).

New posts will come directly to your personal e-mail address.   A link will be provided on the bottom of each e-mail which will connect you automatically to the forum on the website, from which you will be able to respond, begin a new discussion or check archived posts.

Create a new folder just for your SN (Shluchos Network) posts.  That way, your personal mail will stay separate and easier to organize.

Those who are not online, but do have an e-mail address will still be able to receive and view the discussions.

To Post/Respond:
Click the link (on the e-mail you are reading) which says ‘ Click here to reply/view to this message’, in order to access the Shluchim.org website.  From there, you will be connected to the same e-mail you were reading, and be offered a new text box to respond. This is the only way you can reply.
Please match your subject title to the text you are sending.

To Post/Begin a New Discussion:
Click the link at the bottom of any email, which says “To begin a new discussion please click here”. You will enter the category page. Post from within the sub-category you wish to discuss. Click “Post New Topic” on the upper right side of the page to obtain a new text box to type into.

The conversation streams will then be able to be followed easily.

(Only the special needs category requires a password to enter, since that is privately delegated to mothers of special needs children. Write to C.Piekarski for the password)

PLEASE NOTE:  Do not click on ‘Reply’ on the top of your screen, as you do with other posts.  Only click on the link at the bottom of the post for it to work.

Easiest way to view and post:  Alternately, just log onto the Shluchos Network (on the home page of Shluchim.org) and view the Active Topics. If you haven’t checked catagories to receive the emails at your personal email address, your Inbox doesn’t get cluttered- you may only receive the first post of a stream. It is very easy to reply to a post or post a new topic. Remember, the network is more than a simple e-mail forum. Search for anything in the archives. It is usually there. However, if you still need to post, it’s always so simple because you are already logged into the website.

Note: If you are in a country where you may have difficulty getting online to post (no Broadband/cable connection), you may send an e-mail with your question, issue or response, to cpiekarski@shluchim.org.  You will then be able to view the response to your question as usual (together with all the other posts).

If this is your first post of the day, or if you have not responded to the forum for a period of about 20 minutes, you will have to log on with your e-mail address and password before typing a post/reply. This is also a security measure.

Need a password? or if your e-mail address does not match to our data base information, contact reception@shluchim.org or call Chanie at 718-221-0500 for the correct information needed.

If you choose to use a different e-mail address from the log in (e-mail) address,  Click www.shluchim.org/profile e-mails and faxes.  Change the address you wish to use for the Shluchos forum (or write to cpiekarski@shluchim.org to change it).

Check categories you wish to receive mail from. You may choose to receive all categories, or customize and select those you wish to receive (click ‘subscriptions’ on top of the category page when entering the forum).  Check all topics from the list of catagories you wish to receive mail from.

Archived e-mails can be viewed through the Shluchim.org website by accessing the forum. Searches are easily done.
Active topics: Shluchos have the option to click ‘active topics’ (on top of the category page) and view all current e-mails from the last time they were checked or from other times. 
Anonymous English posts should be mailed to
cpiekarski@shluchim.org to post for you.  All mails remain confidential.
Not receiving e-mails? You may have been bumped.  Mostly it is because your e-mails are going into your spam box, also known as your bulk mail box.  Rectify this by going into your settings and creating a filter that the SN forum e-mails enter your regular inbox.  (This is mostly happening to yahoo and sbcglobal users.)


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