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 19-21 Shevat 5782 | Jan. 21-23 2022

 Brooklyn, NY

Young shluchos across the globe depend on the programs of The Shluchim Office.

Tzeirei Hashluchos song – 5780 / 2020

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A child I was
All of four
With my parents 
Through the palace door 
She spoke with them
In her special way
While I looked for children to play 
There were no children 
To be seen
So I turned to the Rebbetzin 
Our Queen
I looked into her beautiful eyes
"Where are your children?"
I asked in surprise. 
Eyes full of love
Brimmed over with tears
Her look I'd remember 
All my years
Her face shone with pride
As she replied to me
"My children are in 770..."
Gathered here tonight
A force of shining light
Rebbetzin, we all belong to you!
One family, one goal
United, heart and soul
Bringing Moshiach Tzidkeinu...