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Shluchim Online School
The Shluchim Online School was founded to provide a viable means of education to children of shluchim in remote areas.
Jewish Online School
Offering a quality Jewish education to any Jewish child, anywhere in the world.
Chinuch Yaldei Hashluchim
Educational and recreational programs for the children of Shluchim. (English & Hebrew sites.)
The Shluchim Gemach
An exclusive free-loan fund which offers direct financial aid to shluchim in times of special hardship.
Friendship Circle International
Providing resources and support to Shluchim who are starting or managing a Friendship Circle.
Placement Bureau
The Shluchim Placement Bureau, where a shliach can find the perfect couple and couples can find their best matching shlichus post.
Shluchim Store
Year-round supplies, holiday specials and everything else you will need to facilitate your shlichus.
Tzeirei Hashluchim Camps
The opportunity for children of shluchim to spend a ten-day winter vacation with fellow Tzeirei Hashluchim.
Pomegranate Suites
Still under construction, this is the central location for your hospitality while in Crown Heights.
The Tefillin Bank
Offering Tefillin, worldwide, to those who commit to wearing them daily.

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