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By Department
Executive Director
• Rabbi G. Shemtov x510

Associate Director

• Mrs. B. Shemtov x505

Director of Operations
Rabbi A. Green x520

Young Shluchim Division
Rabbi B. Bendet x569

Shluchim Liaison
Rabbi Y. Rosenblum x 3249

 and Rivky x500 

outreach coordinator
Menny Greenberg x503 

Director's Office
Rabbi A. Brooker x508

Mrs. B. Shemtov x505
P. Hazan x504

IT Support
Zalman Lew x544

Web Development
Rabbi M. Assouline

CECE Network
Mrs. D. Krasnianski x 

Mrs. R. Vogel  x 506

CGI Central
CGI Central

Chinuch Yaldei Hashluchim
English Division

Hebrew Division
Mrs. C. Kastel

Friendship Circle
Rabbi B. Groner
Rabbi M. Groner

• Mrs. M. Zejger x572
Miss. B. Harlix573
Miss. C. Krinsky x571
• Mrs. B. Webb x570

Hebrew School Network
Hebrew School Network

Jewish Montessori
Mrs. D. Freundlich

Jewish Online School
Mrs. C. Margolin x591
Miss L. Shemtov x 590

Online School-Main Division
Serving the Americas and Europe  

Ms. D.L. Notik x540
• Rabbi Y. Ringo x545
Rabbi Y. Goodman x550 
Mrs. D. Kasimov x541

Online School-Hebrew
Mrs. C. Kastel
Mrs. L. Sasson

Pomegranate Suites
ffice Reception x500

Preschool Network
Mrs. D. Krasnianski 

Publications Department
Rabbi A. Green x520

Shluchim Gemach
• Rabbi S. Gniwisch, Chairman
Rabbi A. Brooker, Applications x508

Shluchim Placement Bureau
Couples Placement
Rabbi M. Samuels
All Other Placement
Ask At Reception x500

Shluchos Division
Mrs. C. Piekarski 

Speakers Bureau
Speakers Bureau

Young Shluchim Division

Rabbi B. Shemtov

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