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Shluchim Lounge

The Shluchim Lounge is a shliach's home away from home and roaming office whenever you visit Crown Heights.  We have gone to considerable lengths to ensure that the Shluchim Lounge has everything you could possibly need regardless of your purpose - work, networking, relaxation, or simply a few moments and a snack while picking up an order.

The Shluchim Lounge features phones, twelve computer stations, Wi-Fi and laptop areas as well as comfortable couches.  A comprehensive audio-visual system is available for presentations, as well as a secondary system for smaller groups.  Fax service is available at reception, just one flight up.

A fully-stocked cafeteria includes fresh-ground coffee, cold drinks, an array of snack foods, and several hot items such as knishes and hot dogs.  Should you wish to bring your own refreshments, we have milchig and fleishig microwaves and ovens available for your convenience.

We also have two conference areas and a private office for smaller meetings.  For more information, please click here.

The refurbishment and furnishing of the Shluchim Lounge was sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Uri & Bassie Laber.   The cafeteria and hospitality are sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy & Amy Haber in memory of Mr. Joseph Harari.

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