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To facilitate easier and more frequent networking among the Shluchos, The Shluchim Office Shluchos Division initiated the Shluchos Conference Calls. These international teleconferences took place three or for times a year. Each conference followed a pre-arranged program, covering then current and informative topics to enhance the development and success of Shlichus. A question-and-answer session followed each teleconference.

Topics covered in conferences were

  1. Juggling family and Shlichus responsibilities; Instilling proper Chassidishe values and feelings of responsibility in our children; Running a great camp.
  2. Tips on starting to teach Taharas Hamishpocha; School projects that work.
  3.  Family education programming; Preschool ideas; Women's programs. 
  4. Staff: hiring, checking references, staff training, maintaining a good relationship, parental involvement and PR; Superior camp programs,; Camp coffees (or teas). 
  5. Home schooling guidelines and tips; Innovative ideas for great Women's events, learn the steps from A to Z. 
  6. An inter-school Torah fair; Making the ordinary extraordinary at Hebrew School Sending children to school away from home. 
  7. A platter full of Chanukah and Purim ideas; Teens: The Forgotten Generation; Answering sensitive issues. 
  8. A calendar of general and women's programs; A prepared Judaica camp curriculum; Small-town shlichus. 
  9.  Women's pre-Rosh Hashanah event; University student and teen programs; Family programs; Focus on Hebrew schools 
  10.  Winter camp; Extra-curricular activities for your day school; The Shabbos House: An exciting Jewish center on campus 
  11. A new approach to Rosh Chodesh events; Jewish women Unite: Fostering the skills of your junior Shluchos; A user-friendly Shul. 
  12. Organize yourself inside-out (available only on transcript)

Tapes of Conferences 2 through 11 are available for $36.00 plus postage. A transicript of tape 12 is available upon request. For more information, please call Mrs. Chana Piekarski at 718-221-0500 x3085.



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