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Part 1 - Introduction


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever does."
--Margaret Mead

A Shliach

A Shliach is not merely an educator, religious advocate or outreach activist. Shluchim are all those and more. There are many websites and books packed with solid, issue-oriented material, meant to raise consciousness and give people the ideas and facts they need to be effective activists and educators. There are even limited avenues especially for Shluchim. But often there's an assumption that the reader is prepared to put these ideas right to use--that they'll know just how to translate them into organizing efforts, outreach projects and public presentations. It isn't always that easy, especially if you're new on Shlichus, or trying to start one up. Before you're all ready to charge out and change the world, you need to do some groundwork. You need to build a strong, cohesive organization with a clear sense of its mission and an ability to focus its energies efficiently and creatively. 

Here are some pointers in the following areas that Shluchim come across. Links to helpful resources are posted for additional help. It helps to speak to a lawyer or your head shliach as well. These pointers should help you organize your thoughts and pose the right questions when going about starting your moisad.

• Moving to your makom hashlichus.
                       The mindset
                               Packing and moving your possessions

• Incorporating your moisad.
• Becoming a non-profit organization.
• Taxes you can save on.
• Your “Chabad House” location.
• Publicity and advertising.
• Fundraising.
                              Projected budget table

• Useful resources.  

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