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Part 8 - Fundraising


Rabbi Brod’s tapes explain proven fundraising tactics and mores. 

While fundraising one should have a prepared portfolio detailing the projects of your organization. It should include a budget with ways to reach its goals.

Below are some other avenues to pursue.

• www.guidestar.org offers information on non-profits, to people involved. It’s worth a look. Other sites for grants include www.grants.gov

• Many individuals and companies involved in philanthropy have private funds. Ask about those in your area.

• Sometimes the accountability of a coach helps you do the fundraising you aren't getting to. One experienced with Shluchim is Marc A. Pitman. You can find out more at FundraisingCoach.com/shluchim-coaching. His free guide on asking for money is at FundriasingCoach.com/free-articles/do-it-yourself-fundriasing.

• HOME DEPOT has a program where their stores can donate building supplies to local charities. Call your local branch manager and ask how to apply. Even if they say that they don’t give religious organizations, you can apply through your Hebrew school or explain to them that it is being used for social benefit.

• www.giftsinkind.org connects 501c3’s with companies wanting to get rid of furniture and equipment. Annual and service fees apply.

• Avi-Chai Foundation has occasional grants for education, camps and other Jewish projects. It’s worth checking them out once in a while.

→See Excel file for budget planning.


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